Camp Kazuma

Camp Kazuma Bush Camp is closed


Camp Kazuma, self catering campsite was closed earlier in 2010. The concession holder has opened a 5 Star Lodge, Camp Kuzuma. 

 Camp Kazuma Bush Camp

The camp is on private land situated about 80km south of Kasane & Kazungulu, Botswana. Off the road to Nata, East side, on the Kazuma Forest cutline. The campsite has its own waterhole with plenty of wildlife using it.
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 Lion is often seen here. There are about three different prides that frequent the area. Always seen are Buffalo, Elephant, Giraffe , Eland, Reed Buck, lots of Wildebeest and Zebra. They love the open plains, and what the area is very well known for is the Sable, Roan Antelope and the Oribi.

Bird life is prolific. At night Coursers are often sighted.  Bustards and Palm Swifts are common. 

What makes the area unique is the vast open plains with all the pans, this is what attracts the wildlife to this area, and because it is remote.        

Contact for advance reservations

Reservations are required! Without reservations, staff will not allow you to camp. Camping - R50ppn

Campers should be self catering, self sufficient.

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Entrance to Camp

 The camp is built in Mopane woodland lying between a cutline and an open savanna that makes it very popular for Lion to hunt in.


 There are two separate kitchens and two separate ablutions   


 The bathrooms consists of a hand basin, a toilet and a His ‘n Her shower.  


 The ground water at the camp is drinkable and surprisingly has no brakish taste.   




 Camp staff will light the fire at the pressurized hot water donkey and start up the generator for evening lighting and power.        



Should you feel intimidated by the many Lion in the area, then take an extra can of petrol. Ask the staff to run the generator till later in the night. This normally keeps the Lion and Hyena at bay. 

Travelers Remarks

From Gino, who recently visited Camp Kazuma:

We visited Camp Kazuma. What a gem! Very Happy Very Happy

Have camped and travelled extensively – the camp is suberb - small and intimate - it has a tranquillity rarely experienced. We stayed 2 nights and enjoyed every second of it. Would like to stay longer. Ablutions and kitchens – excellent! Very clean and neat. Enjoyed the his and her shower with decent clean wooden shower mats, found no where else on this trip, and hot water. The cleanest on our trip that included the Delta, Caprivi and Kasane.

Friendly and very helpful camp attendants. You have to selfcater and be totally self sufficient. Enjoyed the bush, mopane’s and birding. Lots of animal tracks.

Kazuma Camp will always be remembered as one of our very best experiences. Would love to return.

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